Marafa Hamidou Yaya and Biya the Kings of Fraud: Fru Ndi Calls For Cancellation

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The National Chairman of Social Democratic Front, SDF, John Fru Ndi, has called on the international community to mount pressure on President Paul Biya to annul results of the elections published by the Minister of State… for Territorial Administration and Decentralistion, Marafa Hamidou Yaya.
During a press briefing at his Ntarikon residence on Thursday, July 26, Fru Ndi said the fraud mechanism that was put in place by Marafa was executed in grand style by all the Senior Divisional Officers and the Sub-divisional Officers and other top civil servants.

“Ambulant voters were a common phenomenon all over the country. This was, therefore, a national plan financed by the Biya regime. Civil servants were used under compulsion and threats of them losing their appointments,” Fru Ndi noted in a press release.
After noting a catalogue of irregularities, Fru Ndi said both the Legislative and Municipal elections be cancelled until an independent electoral body is put in place.This, to him, would enable Cameroonians exercise their civic responsibility by choosing their leaders and representatives in a free and transparent manner.
“Failing in this, the world would be endorsing Mr. Biya’s determination to return to a one-party state. For Biya to have come out campaigning for the CPDM on Election Day warrants the cancellation of elections because what he did was against the law,” Fru Ndi remarked.
He said Biya is using the twin elections as a smokescreen to blindfold the international community and financial donors. In so doing, Fru Ndi said, Biya thinks that the international community will be deceived to continue to pump money into Cameroon for his personal comfort and the comfort of members of his oligarchy.
Asked if the SDF with 14 seats might boycott Parliament, Fru Ndi said the final decision on whether the SDF will take up seats in Parliament and the councils can only be decided by the National Executive Committee, NEC.
Concerning the ongoing investiture of SDF Mayors by the National Advisory Council, NAC, where Fru Ndi is President, he refuted allegations that he would be the only one to handpick Mayors.
He said the team to select SDF Mayors takes into consideration, among other criteria, the highest qualification of those who have applied, their commitment to the party, longevity, moral values and experiences.
This method, according to Fru Ndi, is the best, because the party will be able to avoid instances where corrupt councillors bribe their way to be voted as Mayors.
The Santa Case
On the withheld results in Santa, Fru Ndi blamed former Prime Minister Achidi Achu and a host of others for trying to overturn the already SDF won council and Parliamentary seat to the CPDM.
“I was surprised that since the electoral hold-up started, he (Achidi Achu) has been going around threatening the lives of SDF militants. I told them to thrash him when he comes again to intimidate them to accept that the CPDM won in Santa,” said Fru Ndi.
DOs At Centre Of Fraud
According to Fru Ndi, it was evident, from the actions of Divisional Officers, that they were instructed by their hierarchy to influence the electoral process from the registration of voters, through polling, to the distortion of results in favour of the CPDM.
Fru Ndi’s press release goes further to state that the DOs instructed Chairmen of polling stations to allow unidentified voters to vote so that ambulant voters could vote as many times as they wished, especially as the ink was not indelible.
He said, in most places, the DO distributed CPDM ballot papers already stuffed in envelopes to their supporters, days before election.Another chief election rigger is Minister Marafa Yaya, just like his former colleague, Augustin Kountchou, Fru Ndi noted.
Immediately voting ended on July 22, Marafa, Fru Ndi said, took it upon himself to start announcing results from constituencies where counting had not yet been carried out or was not yet completed.
“This is further proof that the results were already fixed in that Ministry long before polling day. By announcing them before counting takes place, the Minister is simply sending a message to the DOs to distort their figures to conform to his,” Fru Ndi observed.
Furthermore, he said the Prime Minister and the Minister of Territorial Administration have been instructing SDOs and DOs “to change results to favour CPDM candidates in several constituencies, especially Ndian, Santa, Ndop, Douala, Kumba and Bamenda.”
The SDF Chairman said similar situations have been reported in Dschang, Buea, Muyuka, Limbe, Mungo, Mfoundi, Mayo-Muscouta and other opposition strongholds all over the country.
He revealed that, during the campaigns, Inoni openly instructed administrators in the Southwest Province “not to allow a Northwest party” (SDF) to win there.”Another Minister, Etame Massoma, told Cameroonians in Nkongsamba that the SDF was an Anglophone party that had nothing to do with Francophones,” Fru Ndi said.
Marafa, Fru Ndi went on, is on record to have further encouraged this attitude in other parts of Francophone Cameroon.”We see in this trend the same type of discrimination that built up to the Rwanda genocide. This is not the unification we voted for,” he said.
International Reactions
From a Belgian-based NGO known as African Network, the elections in Cameroon were marred by capital fraud in multiple forms, including ballot box stuffing and gross multiple voting practices by agents of the ruling CPDM.
The British Guardian newspaper of July 23, described the elections as “catastrophic and a very bad sign for democracy in Cameroon. It went further to comment that the poorly organised and executed elections will not help Cameroon progress in the effort to reform its institutions.”
According to the World Associated Press, a Dutch-based organisation, “Cameroon just went through the worst organisation of elections in its recent history. Even before voting was over, results of some constituencies were already announced.”
It says Cameroon’s political future is now completely compromised by the fraud at elections.  “It will be very difficult to see how democracy advances, now that the ruling group has remapped the country to a one party state”.
Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Action Front, an Australian Organisation, referred to the July 22 polls as “a blow to democratic ethics.”
The Chairman of the European Election Forum, Peter Egnil, in his reaction, says the European Union “should actually ignore the results of July 22 in Cameroon and consider the elected Parliament as an illegitimate Parliament.”
On its part, the Voice of America, VOA, talked of “low turnout, and massive fraud”.
According to VOA, strong reforms needed in Cameroon are unlikely to come from these elections, which they predict will “continue the 25 year-rule of Biya’s party.”

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