NGO accuses Biya’s son of plundering Cameroon’s rainforests

Paris, France (PANA) - A non-governmental organization (NGO) that fights hunger and corruption in the Third World has accused Franck Biya,the eldest son of Came r oon’s President Paul Biya, of destroying….  rainforests in the country, owing huge s ums in taxes and corruption.

The chairwoman of “Survie” (Survive), Odile Tobner, said told PANA on Friday: “A s a businessman exploiting forest resources, Frank Biya still keeps plundering C a meroonian forests, taking advantage of his father’s position as President. This, to our mind, is unacceptable.” She said Biya also wanted to exploit rainforests in the Central African Republic in association with a son of the country’s President François Bozizé but their a pplication for a logging permit in that country was turned down as it failed to m eet the legal requirements,

According to her, Biya owes hundreds of millions of CFA in tax to the Cameroonian government for his activities in the timber business. “He owes large sums of money in tax as a result of his farming activities. He ha s never paid that money. We can prove that he has secured considerable assets in France, Switzerland and in Monaco, by destroying Cameroon’s rainforests,”
the Su r vie Chairwoman said.

Source: Pana

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